Welcome To Our Website

Come and join us for one of the most truly unique and fun races anywhere! For the last five years we have offered an Individual and Relay Team nighttime, reverse order, sprint triathlon. We start off with a 5k run, followed by a 9 mile bike and finished up with a 300 yard swim in the outdoor pool. 
But we didn’t just stop there, we wanted to know what would make our event better, so we asked... and you told us. So last year we offered our first ever Kid's Triathlon and it was amazing getting to watch over 80 children ages 6 through 11 compete in a 50 yard swim, 1 mile bike and 1/2 mile run triathlon. This year we will once again offer the Kid's triathlon, although you will not be able to use active.com to register your child for it, instead please email us and we will email you the form for your child.
Because we want our event to just keep getting better and better we will also add in a few new courses this year, including a run/bike duathlon, a unicycle triathlon and an off road triathlon option. In addition to new courses we will also make a change to our bike course for the triathlon course. Instead of the 9 mile course we have had previously we will be upping the distance to a 12 mile course this year.

Future Plans

As we have grown over the years, so have our ideas and this year we are adding a Kid’s Triathlon, which is being provided at NO COST thanks to the Southeastern Utah Health Department. In order to help our “Out of Town” friends that want to race with us this year we are even securing discounted hotel room rates for the night as well as discounted meals at local restaurants thanks to the Castle County Travel Bureau.  We are also being Professionally “Chip” Timed this year, and are offering a FREE “Lunatic in Training” Tee-Shirt to all Lunatic Participants that register with us prior to April 1st, 2017.